Sarah Palin blood LibelSo why have I been quiet about "blood libel?" Everyone else has been pouncing on this as they relish with disbelief this treasured nugget handed down by our amazingly ignorant Sarah. Maybe I'm beginning to feel sorry for her, but then again, no, not really. Yes, I know about the "blood libel" but honest, I haven't quiet been faced with this old European ugly rumor about Jews savoring the blood of young Christians.

Hey wait a minute, why is True Blood so contagious and popular? Is Blood Libel Germanyit way out of line and insensitive to suggest that by today's standards blood libel could be our next delicious True Blood episode? OK, forget it, that was pretty bad, if not sick, but still the point is, I have not been faced with "blood libel" attacks lately nor ever in my lifetime, so am I defending Sarah? She's really a product of today's media culture and like me, probably has never had to delve into this ugly historical context of the "blood libel" used by the Nazis themselves, as well as other Christian groups to foment anti-semitism.

True BloodSo, yes, she's off the hook for me, but then again, she's got so many other delicious morsels of lunacy to go after, it's like being in an all you can eat buffet, I don't know where to begin. To sum up, criticizing her on "blood libel" has more to do with ignorance than any intentional antisemitic or Jewish association.

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