This site will challenge you to delve into the evolving relationship of art, science and technology and in whatever manner the changes were driven, i.e. politics, war, economics, religion or social issues of the day. For instance, many technological solutions cannot truly survive on their own without a visual or aesthetic concept, either through iconographic workflow architecture or outright all-around wrapping with imagery. Iconography did not evolve with the computer.
Anything is open to discussion, even politically driven comments & rants, but preferably points of interest or amusement. 

I don't expect to be doing any exhaustive anlysis of gadgets such as phones, iPads, or laptops, or platforms such as Mac, Linux, PC, Windows. VMware, etc. but am quite interested in such tools and gadgets and the resultant media applications as they allow us the experimentation and utilization within our creative and general lives. Any noteworthy tools, utilities and helpful hints will be linked and notated as I come across them.

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I've used Drupal, a very powerful modular content management system, for this site. The theme and style is my own starting with the base Zen template

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